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Saturday, May 9 (19:00)

Godfather to godson:
Music by Telemann and Carl Philipp

Tendres Fruits
Leticia Moros, viola
Ànnia Fuentes, recorder
Tomoko Matsuoka, harpsichord


Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767)
Trio for recorder, viola de gamba and basso continuo
Vivace, Mesto, Allegro
Essercizii musici, TWV 42:F3 (1739-40, Hamburg)

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
Trio for recorder, viola and basso continuo
Un poco andante, Allegretto, Allegro
Wq 163 (1755, Berlin)

G. P. Telemann
Sonata for recorder, viola de gamba soprano and harpsichord
Soave ma non adagio, Vivace, Largo, Allegro
TWV 42:g9 (?1720, Darmstadt)