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Domenico Scarlatti
16 Sonatas
Tomoko Matsuoka, Harpsichord

Thrilling and full of intense passion, with feathery lightness and technical brilliance, and captivating in every note - these are the most telling qualities of the 16 sonatas by the great Italian-born composer Domenico Scarlatti on this new Genuin CD, and the interpretation by Japanese harpsichord soloist Tomoko Matsuoka mirrors just these qualities. She relishes in the technical challenges of the sonatas, difficulties once daunting to Scarlatti's contemporaries. The wonderful sounds she elicits on the authentic Neuchâtel Ruckers harpsichord will win over the hearts of her audience. With each breath and each phrase, she shows that the Spanish-Italian minisodes are best performed on just this instrument. Can you already inhale the heady aromas of the Alhambra, can you feel the warmth of southern Spain, can you hear the sounds of a summer night? If not. Put this CD on... (From Genuin homepage)

GEN 88131
Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757)

Sonata K.1 in D minor Allegro  
Sonata K.2 in G major Presto
Sonata K.3 in A minor Presto
Sonata K.208 in A major Adagio e cantabile  
Sonata K.209 in A major Allegro  
Sonata K.212 in A major Allegro molto
Sonata K.213 in D minor Andante
Sonata K.214 in D major Allegro vivo
Sonata K.146 in G major  
Sonata K.532 in A minor Allegro
Sonata K.533 in A major Allegro assai  
Sonata K.462 in F minor Andante
Sonata K.463 in F minor Molto allegro
Sonata K.28 in E major Presto
Sonata K.29 in D major Presto
Sonata K.30 in G minor Fuga-Moderato  

Recorded at Musee ďArt et ďHisroire, Neuchâtel, Switzerland
May 20-22, 2008
Producer/Tonmeister: Alfredo Lasheras Hakobian
Harpsichord: Ioannes Ruckers (1632/1745)
Tuning: Werchmeister III
Harpsichord regulation and tuning: David Ley

GENUIN Musikproduktion, Leipzig, Germany

"...The wonderful sounds she elicits on the authentic Neuchatel Ruckers instrument illustrate why this young lady is one of the worldfs most sought after concert harpsichordists."

"De vrais petits joyaux interpretes avec fougue sur le somptueux clavecin Ruckers du Musee d'Art et d'Histoire de Neuchatel."
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