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Tomoko MATSUOKA , born in Tokyo, Japan, began from early childhood her musical education on the piano with her mother. At age 18, she moved to Milan where she settled to pursue her study of the harpsichord and early music. In 2010 she was completed post-graduate course with highest honors in harpsichord performance from Conservatoire of Music G. VerdiEin Como, Italy. She studied the harpsichord with E. Fadini, G. Togni, and B. Martin.

In 2007 Tomoko Matsuoka won the 3rd prize (no 1st prize given) in the International Harpsichord Competition in Bruges, Belgium. In 2008 her first solo CD g16 Sonatash dedicated to D. Scarlatti is puplished by Genuin, was played on the original Ruckers harpsichord, conserved in Musee dfArt et dfHistoire in Neuchatel, Switzerland.

She played concerts in early music festivals in several cities in Italy and performs as a soloist and also with chamber music ensembles in Europe and Japan. She performed with musicians such as F. Corti, G. Togni, A. Palmeri, R. Mameli, E. Kirkby, and T. Tsunoda. Since 2011, Tomoko Matsuoka lives in Barcelona where she studied at Escola Superior de Musica de Catalunya with Erasmus study program.

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Last update 18 April 2011